You know how we all just want to have that amazing dream wedding with the fancy dresses, the flowers, music, and the grand reception with amazing food, celebrated with everyone you love? But of course, we all know that this dream comes in with a budget.

Weddings come with memories, not just for the marrying couple but for the guest as well, this is why photography becomes a part of this amazing dream. As to entertain the guests you may have thought of hiring s photobooth. But I can see where you may feel like you can’t stretch you budget any further. As to help that, we could always try to go for a cheap wedding photobooth Singapore instead, where you get to design it.

The following are some pretty nice ideas you can think of designing,


  • You can try building a structure out of wood or metal in a shape of a large frame and drape curtains over it. A much simpler way to it, is by taking a wardrobe hanger as the structure and draping over it. Then take some leafy branches and hang them in your own design on the draped curtain. You could even ask your florist to give you the leftovers from the bouquets he created.


  • Place a large black board or may be have a several black boards placed together, and if you can do calligraphy or you know a person who would, you could try having nice writings or quotes to décor the backdrop instead. Now if you can’t find someone for the calligraphy part you could always just print the letter out and trace them.

  • Another creative yet affordable way to build your photo booth is by using wall paper. If you are into a more vintage theme, you could always try gluing left over wall paper on to a board and have an antique furniture placed in front of it. You could also have some flowers added as props as well. But of course, you can adapt according to the theme you have decided on and decorate according with wall paper.


  • You can even try going 3D on your backdrop. Have some picture frames of different sizes, made out of different textures hung on to a wooden board painted in a color according to the wedding theme. You could also have these 3D effect by hanging your frames on a tress instead of a board.

You can use ribbons, flowers, origami, Lace and so much more to get your photobooth look amazing. Now all you need are you guests and the photographer. Then you are good to go! All the best!


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