Today, companies increasingly highlight the idea that employees are indeed their best asset. As much as this sounds like a great tactic to attract talented individuals to the workforce, companies around the world are making drastic changes to their work environment. Serious efforts are put in to ensure the work ecosystem is comfortable enough for employees to operate at their peak level of performance, thus, contributing greater value to the organisation. Read below to learn about some of these changes and how they impact employees.

Working Out of Office

Working in the same exact spot, with the same exact view and the same faces all day long, 5 days a week can not only get super boring but it could also plummet motivation levels.


Therefore, by encouraging employees to take one day out of the week to work from home, a café, internet café or a shared workspace with another colleague can enhance their productivity, boost motivation and overall performance.


‘Health First’ Programmes

Nutrition is key to exercising great thinking and achieving superior performance. Employees today are deprived of a proper lunch hour where they can take their minds off work and enjoy a decent meal. Some employees are even stuck at their desks with their lunch and hands still full of work. This not only affects their physical well-being but also leads to more stress. Encouraging healthy lifestyles and nutritious meals at work will make employees feel cared for and valued.


Employee Wellness Programmes

Some modern offices are even going to the extreme of having in-house massage parlours and napping rooms for employees to use when they are extremely exhausted or stressed. With corporate gifts premiums, organisations can provide their employees with advanced, high-quality wellness products and programmes to boost their well-being. These products may include massage chairs, personal exercise devices or even air purifiers.


Well-designed Staff Breakout Areas

Installing a getaway area where employees can deter their attention and avert eyes that are glued onto computer screens all day, is a great way to help them take a mental break. These areas should be designed to incorporate a wide variety of comfy chairs, large TV screens, several fun games and mini-sports. Having such a zone inside the office premises itself, that is not linked with strict work, deadlines and long to-do lists will help workers unwind better and enjoy the mini-breaks they truly deserve.

These are just a few techniques used by companies to keep their employees in good health, feeling energised and motivated to contribute their best to the organisation.

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