When you invest in certain goods for their brand value or their value as a status symbol you must understand that it comes with certain additional costs as well. For an example the repair costs that you would have to face when you drive a Toyota and a BMW is completely different. The same way there is a stark difference when it comes to repairing Apple products and Android products. Due to repair costs being high sometimes people tend to want to look for alternative methods rather than going to an Apple store or recognized agent. The problem however is whether this is a good choice.

Fair enough there are only a limited number of Apple stores in certain area, in addition to that there are also a lot of customers who want to get their repairs done which means a long waiting time. Further when your device gets sent back to Apple to be repaired it may sometimes take even weeks for it to come back. However on the other hand it is simple as googling for an example iPhone crack screen fix Singapore to find a few good places that you can try out for your basic fixes such as home button replacement, display replacement etc. Some of these places would even provide you with a one day service for a cost. One should note however that during the warranty period the best place to go to will be an Apple store. It is only after it has expired that you should look for alternatives.

If you go to Apple you would have experts who work on your device and make sure that everything is done right. Whereas on the other hand if you go to a normal store you may get people who instead of repairing your device might damage it even further. Although if you check reviews and ask around for recommendations you are likely to find a trustworthy place. At the end of the day it’s not just Apple who has experts who can do a good job.  On that note do not however go to the place that offers the cheapest price. It is most likely that they are not using good or original parts.

There is a certain level of danger when going to an ordinary store in the form of data breaches. Apple stores are bound to wipe a device when they take it in for repairs. On the other hand independent stores are not.  It is advisable under such circumstances to back up your device’s data to a safe location and then wipe it before taking it in for repairs. At the end of the day where you should go to for repairs depends on the time and money you can spend on getting your device repaired. Think about your needs properly and make a good decision.


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