Technology continues to advance, and many employees now prefer to work in their industry on contract basis. Many people prefer to wok from another location instead of commuting. Automation is now taking over the corporate world and based on that there are many opportunities that are being created.


If you search for co-working space Singapore on the internet you will find an entire list of the available spaces which means that not only is the space shared but everything in the office is shared. This arrangement means that will solve a few problems such as:

  • Space that is unused will be used and therefore, money will be saved.
  • The team will be very diverse and therefore, the ideas that are brought up will be out of the box and feedback can be given among the individuals
  • Overhead maintenance will be solved
  • When setting up the office for the first time and there are upfront costs, they will be reduced


There are four types of individuals who used these types of spaces; freelancers who work full time, starting up businesses, individuals who work on side projects after working hours and those individuals who are constantly on the move.

There are some essential for a thriving shared serviced office Singapore based:

  • Location – If you are looking for a certain type of market or individuals then you need to decide a centrally location with access to public transportation. The people sharing the office will not be happy if they have to commute when they are trying to avoid commuting.
  • A cafeteria or a pantry is critical because each person will need a breather. Ensure that a coffee machine, sugar, milk available. You need to have a refrigerator as well as a microwave.
  • High speed internet facilities should be provided within the entire space. Having a Wi-Fi connection will be ideal because working wireless if the way forward.
  • Toilet facilities is another essential. Ensure that you have both female and male toilets. You might not know how many males or females will be using your space and therefore, preparation is key.
  • A simple website should be created so that all tech savvy individuals can request to rent out a table or room and can be done easily.
  • Easy access is needed. Certain individuals might want to come into the office space and therefore, each person could have a key or could be let in by the security.
  • Parking facilities will only be needed if any of the individuals owns a car.
  • If the space in an office building, then ensure that there are security services available after hours.

If you get the opportunity to work in such a diverse environment, then you should grab the chance without letting it go. Not only will you make many friends and business connections, but you will also be able save some money and learn a few things from your co-workers which will be beneficial to your business.


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