The best ways to make employees perform their very best is by motivating them to do so in a positive way rather than pushing them constantly in a nagging tone. If only an employee is motivated to do well would he be more engaged in his work and contribute his optimum best. So here are some inexpensive ways you could use to motivate your employees rather than resorting to only a pay increase.

Giving them much needed independence

It isn’t always about the money, sometimes you just want to your own thing in your own way. so as an employer, you need to realize this. Employees don’t really want to hear the constant nagging tone with what needs to be done, how it needs to be done and what shouldn’t be done. Instead they would much rather appreciate simple instructions and freedom to work on them in their own way. It shouldn’t matter which method they use to get the work done, but rather the fact that they got it done as required. So provide all that is needed for your employee, from a good workplace with reasonable office rentals, necessary equipment, internet and whatnot, to help him work things out, his way!

A little complement

Any person can easily differentiate a huge fake praise or complement from one that is simple and genuine just like how one can easily separate a classy Aberdeen office rental from a fancy workplace in the middle of nowhere. As an employer, you too need to understand that you don’t really have to give a whole long descriptive speech on how much you appreciate your employees for their contribution using all the colorful words in the dictionary, a simple and genuine “Thank you” would go a much longer way than all of them. So praise when it is right and be genuine about it.

Build team spirit

Encouraging your employees to get along with one another and build a community themselves, indirectly is a motivating means you could implement. When you have no heart to go to work or school the next day, the only thought that runs in your mind is that “My friend is there, I have to go…” and so you push yourself to leave the comfort of your bed and get to work. Encouraging such interrelationships amongst the colleges, also develops the means for one another to get along, thus making the work in future, very much easier too! So do create a room and space for this!

Go beyond

Don’t stick to a bondless relationship between your employees. If you are unable to communicate with them in a deeper level, then there is a lesser chance that you would be able to gain their trust and encouragement to work hard. So make an effort to get to know them as a person and not merely see them as profit slaves!

Be flexible with your rules and procedures, however do establish certain ground rules that all need to stand by. This way your employees would enjoy coming to work while also improving their performance day by day!


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