Keeping your country clean is extremely important. A country that is clean will promote a healthy country. Keeping your surrounding clean not only keeps germs and other parasitic and infectious organisms away it contributes in keeping the community healthy and free of unwanted and deadly diseases. It also helps in keeping the country beautiful along with the smell of nature and the perfect experience of nature. In addition, a clean city contributes to the growth of the economy of a country as a clean surrounding helps the population to be motivated to work for the growth of their community.

Health Issues


With the increase in modernizing of various things, just as much as the availability of organic products there is an equal amount of synthetic products including plastic materials that are used and thrown away. The throwing away of these products in the wrong way actually causes a lot of harm and damage to the community and eventually to the country as a whole. For example if these polythene and plastic accumulate in the garbage dumps it is going to affect all the ecosystems as it is going to be an obstacle for the availability of food for the animals. This obstacle is caused because the polythene and other nondegradable products get mixed up with the food. As a result when the animals try to consume the food, they either have to access to it or these nondegradable products get swallowed and collected inside their stomach or intestines and cause health issues for the animals as well, and in extreme cases killing them.


The New Method


Nowadays around the world new systems have been installed for example waste disposal in singapore, Dubai, Saudi and various other places. These systems are beneficial as you can divide the garbage to its types and put them into the bins allocated for the respective type. This way the garbage can be discarded in the appropriate manner and the community can be protected from harm.

Looking After all Living Creatures


As humans we need to not only consider and give importance to ourselves but also to the animals around us as they too get affected for the chaos we cause for our surroundings. For the earth and ecosystem to be healthy every living thing needs to be protected and given priority among us, as we all form food chains and as a result helping the world to move on. This also contributes to proper decomposition as the correct decomposition contributes to the growth of energy resources.

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