Constructing a beautiful house consists of several key considerations. A great level of focus needs to be placed on the main areas such as the exterior, interior, furnishing and lighting to name a few. Today, architects as well as interior designers work together to stick to a theme or concept that is derived from having a conversation with the client and understanding their requirement. Outlined below are some areas that need serious attention.


The area immediately surrounding the house needs to be as elegant as the inside. Even though people say it is the inside that matters, the façade and external spaces play a big role in adding to the overall look and feel of the overall house. The exterior includes the garden, area from the main gate, walkways and other pathways leading to the main door of the house. Depending on the availability of funds and the amount of space outside, landscaping services can be obtained.



Increasingly, people are spending heavily on sourcing professional help for designing the interiors of their newly-built homes. This is because without a well-designed interior, it will merely be an empty building. Interior designers work tirelessly to breathe life to bare spaces by adding colour and character through several elements. The overall colour of a space plays a major role in bringing a concept to life. Most designers use nippon painting service where premium quality paint is combined with a dedicated team of experts to deliver great results. Other elements that contribute to decorating the interior of a space include furniture, wall paintings, carpets, ornaments and choice of lights, to name a few.


Furnishing and finishes

This is one of the most crucial elements of designing the interior of a house. It requires a lot of effort as it contributes to up to 70% of what makes up a house. Choosing the right furniture that fits all spaces of the house perfectly can be a tedious task. It not only has to have the right functionality and look good but also blend in well with the colours used for the walls, the flooring and overall look you want to achieve. Using the right material and finish in furniture contributes greatly to bringing out the desired appearance as well.


Artificial lighting is of utmost importance to any property. It not only is a necessity but adds truckloads of character to a space. Lights mainly come in two shades – yellow or white and knowing how to incorporate this to highlight certain aspects of the house is fundamental. In addition to the colour they emit, lights also come in various designs, shapes and sizes. Choosing the correct light fittings help interior designers to bring out the desired personality to the house while complementing the rest of the elements such as the furniture.


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