Need an upgrade to the current premises? Running out of space due to expansion? Stuck in an area that is headed downhill? No matter what the reason is, relocating your office can be quite a stressful task. It is a very costly and time-consuming process as it involved several steps. If not managed smoothly, it could have several negative impacts on employees, their motivational levels and overall business performance. Due to this, it is crucial that you plan the business move well and ensure it is a smooth and seamless one. However, on the flip side, relocating to a new space presents a business an opportunity for a brand-new start! Below are some steps to follow to ensure a successful and stress-free move.

Planning Goes a Long Way

There are several stages to moving and the first is to communicate with the team to ensure it is feasible. Whilst shifting a small office can take up to three months,a medium to large office can take almost twice that time. It is key to gather as much information as possible on the what the new space looks like. This could include floor plans and office layouts that you can compare and begin to match with the existing space. As with the rest, you can decide to either buy newdesigner furniture online or keep your old office furniture and add whatever is necessary.


Keep Your Team Informed

Make sure to have regular meetings to ensure all employees are notified of the move and what changes to expect.  You can also appoint an individual to oversee a department to help coordinate the move. Further, the team members can be encouraged to identify current issues and suggest solutions for the new office.


Determine the Budget for the Move

If you are allocated a fixed budget for the move, it is important to work out all the costs involved in the shift. This is probably one of the major considerations in the entire moving process and ideally needs to be done before packing that first box or hiring the movers. It guides all decisions ranging from the mover’s charge todetermining whether to buy lounge chair that is custom-made to suit the new office.

Create a Committee and Assign Tasks

To make the moving process more efficient, a moving committee can be appointed. They will be responsible to create a list of tasks that needs to be completed and corresponding timelines. Other important aspects they can administer arecomparing costs of different movers, contacting computer network specialists and telephone line installers to rewire everything once the shift is completed.

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