Seeing as how most of our lives are now spent online regardless of how old or young we are, it goes without saying that navigating our way through the Internet is more important than ever. When you look at it from a corporate standpoint, this becomes more important than ever. Why? Well because around 90% of businesses now have an online presence, distributed mainly across websites and social media. It is the way forward, and in some ways, the future is already here. Social media is the key to enhanced marketing, differentiated branding, and of course effective communication between people, which is why it is necessary to learn how to manage it correctly.

Quality over Quantity

Though this may not sound like a ‘trick’ per se, it is actually something most people have forgotten as of late. We see countless social media profiles flooded with absolutely useless information, eventually exasperating the user who will at some point, un-follow the account. This is exactly the sort of thing you should be avoiding as a brand. Focus on quality, meaty content. Rather than have a barrage of posts up for the sake of it, have real meaning and purpose behind each of them for better results. And always remember to pay attention to things like picture resolution and grammar. They matter!

Play With the Statistics

There is a reason for data analytics on these sites, so make use of them. Generally, organic reach tends to climb up and stay that way for a while after launch, however, it inevitably begins to decline after some time. It is up to you to stay on top of things and continue churning out content to keep things relevant. Study the data and find out where you need to improve. Better yet, go out there and interact with your audience to find out what they prefer to know more and read about maybe. This is a great tactic whether you are handling social media Melbourne or in any other place for that matter.

Map Out Your Content

Social media managers have their plates full. For one thing, they have to be on the ball throughout the day, monitoring competitors and ensuring posts are being uploaded regularly in a timely and efficient manner. They’re also responsible for coordinating with designers who create the post, as well as keeping an eye out for special days and events that in turn require a more catered post such as Thanksgiving for instance, or Mother’s Day. Hence, it helps to map out the content in one go, preferably on a monthly basis to help keep track.

Respond To Your Customers

The good, the bad, and the ugly. You do not have the liberty to be picky and decide who you want to respond to and not. This is not your personal life. You are representing your brand, and you have to tackle all sorts of customers in the process. That includes the disgruntled ones, as much as it includes those that are happy and have nothing but glowing praise for you. Handle those with issues first, give them options and communicate. Nothing infuriates an already irritated customer than radio silence on the part of the seller, so, avoid this at all costs.

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